Hunting Estates for sale in Spain

Dudley Estates portfolio includes many estates with land for hunting, shooting and fishing in some of the most remote and picturesque areas of Spain.

Depending on which region the property is located in, a huge range of game, fish and birds can be hunted, from bears, wolves and stags to small game like hare, grouse, pheasants and quail. Dudley Estates provides an outstanding selection of country hunting properties throughout the Iberian Peninsula specializing in Extremadura and Andalusia.

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The estates may also contain fruit orchards, vineyards, olive groves and grazing, making them ideal for those wanting to make a life or run a business in the beautiful Spanish countryside. There are usually ample water supplies, with natural resources such as wells, streams and rivers nearby. A few properties with land which is suitable for hunting or shooting are based close to large towns, with some less than an hour from major cities, but these still enjoy a tranquil setting and many hectares of hunting grounds and woodlands filled with game.