Equestrian Estates for sale in Spain

Spain’s rich equestrian heritage and its great variety of wide open spaces and unspoiled countryside make it one of the best countries in the world to find equestrian estates for sale.

We have a huge range of horse-friendly properties available, whether it is for buyers looking for a private villa where they can stable their own horses, an investor who wants to open a stud, horse farm or other business venture or a hotelier aiming to attract guests who want to enjoy horse riding on their holiday. Dudley Estates offers exceptional equestrian properties situated in some of Spain’s most beautiful and spectacular countryside, offering stunning views and the chance to ride horses in mountains and hills, around lakes and along beaches. We also have polo estates and properties equipped with arenas for dressage and show-jumping.

Search for the ideal equestrian estate or contact us directly and we’ll make sure to find the right property for you: [email protected].