Castles & Palaces for sale in Spain

There are over 2,500 castles still standing in Spain and many of them can be purchased by private buyers.

We offer a wonderful and amazing nationwide selection of castles and palaces, to be acquired exclusively by Dudley Estates, situated in the breath-taking scenery of the country’s most beautiful natural regions. Whether you are looking for a smaller castle to use as a unique family home or a palatial palace to turn into a premium hotel, these impressive buildings offer a sense of history and prestige.

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Finding a castle for sale lets you own a piece of history, with battlements, towers, turrets and courtyards. Some are encircled by moats and gardens and most are situated on high ground, offering spectacular views out over the surrounding countryside and the extensive grounds that lie around the castle.

Apart from the sheer glamour and wish fulfillment of living in a castle, buying one of these historic buildings brings many other benefits. Castles were built to withstand attack and keep their occupants safe from outside threats. This means that they are extremely secure and provide a great sense of safety along with peaceful tranquility and very high levels of privacy. They are also very strongly built, with thick walls and solid foundations that were designed to last. Solid construction also provides high levels of insulation; retaining heat in the winter and keeping the inside cool and comfortable in the hot summer months.

Many of the castle homes for sale on our site have been extensively renovated, while retaining their authentic appearance, and include modern features such as swimming pools, tennis courts and golf courses. Others have great development potential and will make perfect boutique hotels, conference centers or luxury business environments. We are proud to offer many of these unique architectural gems in our portfolio of luxury castles for sale.