Buying & Selling a property in Spain

Mainland Spain is a mountainous country with many high plateaus and several major rivers.

Spain comprises of the mainland or peninsula and two archipelagos: the Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea, and the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Africa. Spain is the largest country in Southern Europe and the second largest country in Western Europe and the European Union.

There are three main climatic zones: the typical Mediterranean climate with its warm and dry summers (middle of Spain); the semi-arid climate with a dry season that extends way beyond the summer (Southern Spain); and the oceanic climate, where winter and summer temperatures are heavily influenced by the Atlantic ocean. (Northern Spain).

Comparatively undiscovered, luxury country living in Spain remains an exclusive pleasure of Spain’s elite families and distinguished international enthusiasts, retirees and investors with an intimate interest in beautiful country homes, equestrian and hunting estates, and farms and vineyards.

Buying Property in Spain

As with all property purchasers Dudley Estates recommends that you seek the advice and representation of a Spanish Real Estate attorney.

Dudley Estates and its partners is also able to provide you with all of the necessary legal assistance if so desired.

Residency in Spain

The legal requirements of residing in Spain depends upon your citizenship (European Citizen or not) and the length of your stay at given time (less than or more than 3 months)

All individuals intending to reside in Spain for more than 90 days must be registered, but whereas European Union citizens can simply register at La Oficina de Extranjeros (The Office for Foreigners) it is highly recommended that non European Union citizens all for their residency or work permits prior to entering Spain.

Spain’s Golden Visa Law offers permanent residence and work permits to any individual, married couple or registered domestic partners purchasing any property with a value of 500,000 Euros or more. In addition all ascendants and descendants of the buyers will also be able to obtain residency regardless of their age.

Buyers may purchase properties either as an individual or via a registered company as longs they are the majority owners of that company and it is not located anywhere considered a tax haven.

The visa process has been simplified significantly, with no legal requirement to visit Spain to renew the visa, which now also has a longer validity after its first renewal. The golden visa is first approved for 2 years, and then can be renewed, without having to be in Spain, providing that property is still owned, for a further 5 years.

The Golden Visa Law has been revised since its introduction in 2013 and it is quite possible that it may be revised again.

Dudley Estates advises that anyone wishing to take advantage of the Golden Visa Law seek legal assistance. There are many qualified attorneys that can help with Real Estate and Residency, but we will be more than happy to refer you if necessary.

Selling Property in Spain

Dudley Estates provides discreet, competent and expert representation of high value country homes, equestrian and hunting estates, castles and palaces, farms and vineyards.

Please do Contact Dudley Estates to begin discussing how we may help you sell your property;

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